Yesterday we spent the Day together, Cole & I. We woke up slow and enjoyed our breakfast together. We flew planes & kites at the park. He picked dandelions for me and made sure I opened his gifts to me. C’s at this age where he’s aware of how others are feeling and wanted to make sure his Mama felt loved. And I did! I feel so loved by my little man.

Motherhood has been a surprise to me. I once never expected to be a Mother, I didn’t know if I wanted to be one and I was told the likelihood was low and you know what? For the most part I thought I was okay with that. Then I met Troy, we started getting serious and talking about our future together. He wanted three kids, and the conversations started. When time came after we’d been married awhile we ran into a circumstance with my health where we were put into the predicament of needing to try for a baby if we wanted one because we wouldn’t have the chance later.

We were lucky enough for our many prayers to be answered and we welcomed the sweetest boy into our lives in two thousand thirteen & have been inseparable since. We let Daddy hang out sometimes with us too, we’re pretty fond of him as well.

My relationship growing up with my Mother was strained and I never fully got the chance to know her and have the relationship I longed for until I was a parent myself. I was unsure and apprehensive to become a parent, not knowing if the absence of a maternal relationship hindered me and my nuturing skills. I heard many comments while pregnant of how hard life was going to be once we brought a child into our lives, difficulties of parenting, and things we’d never be able to do again. This made me more anxious than ever. What happened instead as Troy & I transitioned into parenthood was that we felt complete. We sacrificed sleeping in for waking up multiple times throughout the night to nurse. I saw “we,” and mean “I.” lol. Showers became sparse and I learned that my new occupation was now a personal chef. There’s a list of things you give up, but the list of the experiences and feelings you receive far extend any momentary losses. I think I can speak for both Troy & I in saying we wouldn’t trade being C’s parents for anything.

For those of you in the stage of longing for a baby or you’re pregnant already. Parenthood is incredible, hard, tiring, time consuming, loud, chaotic, dirty, and the best thing in the whole world if that’s what you want and choose for yourself.

On another note, Cole & I had our own little mini session yesterday and those precious images where he puts his head against mine or kisses my cheek, those were all his idea. He’s the sweetest right?

Elle Helgeson

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