A few weeks ago we drove down to the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva to see them for the first time. Although they had to rebuild and refreeze the castle due to our warm Wisconsin winter and a lot of melting, the walls were somewhere around 15’, which is about half of their usual height. We had a lot of fun and it was just the frozen adventure we were looking for this time of year. Anyone else have cabin fever ??

We arrived early and had the chance to stop in at Sprecher’s for some of their delicious root beer and sauerbraten over spaetzle just like we had when growing up back home with our very German family. After filling our bellies we walked across the street to Flat Iron Park to check out the Ice Sculptures from Winterfest. We picked out our favorite sculpture and walked over to the Ice Castles nervous about the 2-hour long line and then realized that was for those who had not yet purchased tickets, so we highly recommend you purchase and reserve your time before heading to the castles.

Once we entered the Ice Castles and watched Cole’s cute little face light up with excitement and awe with readiness to crawl in every icy tunnel he found and zoom down the slide made of frozen block bricks. We found Elsa and fountains, caverns filled with lights and water features, and our favorite part was when the sun set and they turned the colored lights on, turning the castle into an even more magical place and our very own version of Frozen.

Back at our hotel we swam and enjoyed some much-needed relaxation, went out to a tiny little Italian restaurant, and enjoyed watching Pa Pa & Cole play hide n’ seek.

Wanna check out Lake Geneva for yourself? Here’s the website we used to plan our trip and find out what was happening in town while we were there. Visit Lake Geneva

Elle Helgeson

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