Who goes on a picnic to the beach during Winter, Am I right?! The answer is us. Yes, we are indeed strange people. No doubt! Point Beach in Two Rivers is one of our favorite spots to visit on the weekends throughout the year. This park is covered in tall pines, boardwalks, sand dunes, beaches, the Rawley Point Lighthouse, millions of; rocks, corral, fossils, and minerals gracing the shoreline, and a campground. We love this place so much that we were out here two weeks in a row; one to play around in the sand before it was too cold, and the second to capture a couple very much in love on their weekend getaway. You can read more about Chelsea x Nate's Point Beach Couples session here.

We planned this afternoon outing around playing in the sand, drinking vegan hot cocoa, and some delicious homemade apple fritters made by my Dad. Ie..also the guy who took the images of all three of us. Troy and I took it upon ourselves to get a mini branding session for ourselves in while Cole and Pa Pa played. I've got to say I'm kind of addicted to flirting with my husband while he takes pictures of me now! I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable in front of the camera.

So without anymore dragging on, here is our little rebel family picnicking on the beach in late November. lol. Let me know in the comments below if you're crazy enough to venture out into the 30º weather to play in the sand? Or what is the craziest thing you've done in the cold weather?

Elle's shirt Torrid  //  Cole's Outfit thrifted Once Upon a Child   //  Location Point Beach