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Strong Women empower other women, and we rise together. Here we have the Behind The Scenes images from our Fierce Women Rise Styled Shoot. I met Alysce a year ago at a Tuesday's Together meeting here in Green Bay. The Rising Tide Society has opened up so many relationships and has been such a blessing in my life. I met both Alysce and Dana thru our group, along with some of the most creative and amazing people who really rally together and build each other up. 

The day included hair, makeup, and behind the scenes photos while the ladies got Maggie ready. She already had her outfits styled and laid out when we arrived. When all was perfection we set off on our adventure to Barkhausen Waterfowl, it set a stage for the perfect location. Alysce had told me she wanted a row of tall pines and we found just that among these tall pines. We took small breaks allowing Maggie to warm back up, sipping hot tea that Dana brought (man, that girl is smart) and put warmers in her boots. Pretty glad I packed an extra pair of snow boots at this point, thankfully they fit her. After a short drive to our second location at Wesquiock Falls, we strapped on our ice cleats and made our way down to the falls. If you haven’t seen a frozen over waterfall in person before, put that on your to do list for next winter, because it is glorious. Maggie of course rocked that location and owned that ice like a boss. On to the last location and it was a race to beat the sun before it left for the day. That phrase “chasing light,” it’s a real thing yo! We arrived at the edge of the bay at Red River Park, hopped out of the car. Maggie in heels. Alysce and Dana carried her onto the ice, we snapped a few images before Maggie froze completely and then off to the car again to warm up. We headed our froze toes back to our original location where we got ready for the day and packed everything away, chatted about all the incredible things we just did, snapped a photo of all of us together (minus Troy, who clearly took the picture) and said our goodbyes. I can not say enough good things about working with these ladies. They are each magnificent in their own way but boy are we a force to be reckoned with as a team. Please check these talented ladies out, I have listed their social media links below the post. 

Here's a wonderful blog post written by Alysce, the hair artist and creator of this vision. See the full blog post with images from this conceptual shoot. Full blog post here.

Be on the lookout for branding session collections, because girl!!! this is just the beginning of something badass! If you need behind the scenes, day in your life, lifestyle in your pj's eating pizza with your hubs, or headshots. I'm your little lady, and let's get snapping'. Ask about our BUILDING BRANDS DISCOUNT. Only 3 spots left.