Let’s talk about Wedding details!! They are one of those things I didn’t really think about when I got married. I had my cute heels and my vintage purse but didn’t understand why I would later want photos of my stationary suite, it’s just paper right? I mean I was keeping a few copies for my scrap book anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️. I didn’t realize a photo like this could mean so much later down the road and not only help tell the story of our wedding day to others flipping through our album, but bring back a flood of memories of the whole planning process, the excitement of selecting our favorite vendors, venues, dresses, designs, patterns and the way we looked in each other’s eyes when we realized we were getting married soon.

I realized through planning my own wedding how hard it is to find all those cute things you see online and then again if we buy those would they even mean anything to us & add to our wedding in a meaningful way? So I’ve collected some of my most loved ideas for adding to your detail shots while making them even more personal, more meaningful, and add loads of interest, beauty, and tell a grand story!!

Nine ways to get those dreamy detail photos! It’s ALL in the little details. 


1) Include the full stationary suite including the bride & grooms place cards, rsvp + envelope, two envelopes of varying but coordinating colors or two of the same color, the invitation, matching programs, a few stamps, and any paper details that coordinate and bring together a full suite and tell your wedding day story. These details build a larger layout and bring forth a fuller story. 

2) Add personal trinkets such as a silver spoon from Grandmas collection, an antique silver tray of your Moms, vintage ring box, miniature jewelry box, a porcelain or handcrafted ceramic trinket dish. Different textures, metals (coordinating with other details of course), & sizes add visual interest to the photo and it’s a great way to add in special pieces from loved ones. Some of these may seem silly but go searching through each your Grandparents and Parents relics and see what small bits of personalization you can add.

3) Bring on the subtle touch of whimsy with a velvet or silk ribbon in a coordinating color to your wedding day, maybe the color of your bridesmaid dresses?? These look so pretty and act as a beautiful way to bring the eye around the photo and tie everything together visually. 

4) Vintage stamps (3-5) adds interest and is a cute way to add even more personalization into your photos.

Here’s how:

  • Have custom wedding stamps made for sending your invitations, putting on the rsvp envelopes, and save a few for your photos. You can order your own using Shutterfly.

  • Find some stamps from Grandpa’s collection, at an antique store, or on Etsy that match your wedding colors.

    Here’s a shop I love!! Little Postage House

5)  Ask your florist to add a few loose stems of varying flowers that match your bouquet to add a bit of softness and texture to your layout. And also, sooo pretty!!!!! These tie your detail photos together with your full gallery and add such beauty to your flatlays!

6) Using the environment to add style and customization. Say your having your wedding on the beach, you could add a shell, some sand, rocks etc.. into your detail box to add to your stylized detail photos. Another example is having your wedding at your families private estate, maybe Aunt Judy has a few lavender sprigs you could loosely tie together from her garden that would enhance your details, adding vintage sheet music from Grandpa’s beloved piano is a chic way to add a little background enhancement under your details. Just look around your venue space your bound to find little treasures everywhere, please use items that aren’t being picked from private property and can be put right back.

7) Ring box - I don’t really need to say why, they just look so pretty and are a great heirloom to pass down to your children or younger generations. Thirty years from now, your child could display this in their wedding images as well! How sweet is that?! They also serve as something cute for your dresser when you need a place to keep your ring while in the shower so the cat doesn’t knock it off into the air vent! Lol.

8) Wax seals - they are visually appealing, add interest, personalization, and class up any stationary suite. You can add these classy customizable seals to the the closure of your invitations and leave a few loose for photos.

  • purchase a kit and starting crafting them yourself.

  • purchase premade wax seals in all the gorgeous styles.

  • purchase self adhesive wax seals in varying pretty styles.

Here’s a few places I’ve used in the past & loved!

9) A Post Card from the city your getting married in, a vintage one, or one from where your honeymooning too. These can add a certain sentiment if your having a destination Wedding or have a serious love for your town.

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