Another HALLOWEEN in the books. Cole has been in love with Nintendo and all the Mario characters for the last year and has been so excited to have the chance to dress up as his favorite pizza loving plumber since last Halloween. I don’t know any other kid that has his costume ideas for the whole family the entire year before, lol. My little guy kind of likes dressing up, just a little, wink! If you’ve ever seen any of our Halloween posts before you know like my Grandma Biggins, I love creating costumes. This year we went a bit more simple and pulled pieces together. I only had to paint the hats and make logos for Mario & Luigi, can you believe I could not find a plain green hat anywhere in Green Bay. I made a shell for Bowser, aka Troy, his fluffy red eyebrows, and his tummy. I lucked out and found that funny Bowser like hat at the local Goodwill along with a horn head wrap that I turned into wrist bands to make Daddy’s simple Bowser costume come to life a little more. Papa as Luigi and Mario would not have been complete without their famous mustaches which took a few snips and they became just right. I made the silly nose for myself and we were ready for our Halloween adventure around our Allouez neighborhood with Cole’s best buddy and his family. We all had a blast. It was probably my favorite Halloween next to the ever famous Daniel Tiger / Adventure Tiger / Mister Rogers family costume we did a few years back. You can see that here, I’m super proud of it. In case your curious what we went as last year, you can find that here. So the big question here is, who do you think I was dressed as this year, drop your guess in the comment section down below. While your there, let me know your favorite Nintendo character. Everyone loves a little Mario cart, right?!

Elle Helgeson

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