We have been wanting to build a playground since we’ve moved in three years ago and this summer we finally did just that. Eight random days, my Dad and I took to building Cole’s Cabin one math problem at a time. Since I can’t commit to actual designs, I like to have a concept in mind and then eye ball it, somehow I’m always more accurate than actual math, lolol. My gift, I guess! So instead of sharing my finished garden project this year, here is Cole’s Cabin. Do you think he likes it?

We are excited to add a sandbox to half of the underneath area along with a hammock for umm, me! Could you feel that smirk ;)

Cole’s Cabin will serve as an obvious playhouse, and our outdoor classroom for homeschool. It’s perfect for nature based learning, which is how we roll.

Any plans or designs your collecting on Pinterest for your yard next summer?

Cole would love if you let him know in the comments below how you like his new cabin.

Elle Helgeson

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