Fierce Women Rise | Elle x Troy Photography > Green Bay Portrait Photographer

I can't say that I've ever done a session that embodied who I am as a person more than this. When Alysce came to me with the idea, and we showed each other our mood boards it was obvious we would pair well together for this project. We shared so many of the same images and looks and obvious want to embody a fierce woman who needs to break free from society and love herself fiercely, for she is enough! For me, I've had the burning to do something that lights my soul on fire, and this session did just that! A team of 5 made this happen and I feel honored to work alongside such inrcredible women and Troy. To get info on each incredible vendor, their information is highlighted at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check them out!

"When the idea for this photoshoot came to me, I was lying in bed feeling personally conflicted with who I am and who society says I should be. As women, society has always had an opinion of who we “should be”. We’ve heard it all. Don’t be too successful because then you’ll be intimidating. Don’t be too opinionated, you’ll come off as bitchy. Don’t correct someone, you’ll come off as a know it all. Don’t swear, it’s not ladylike. Don’t be too loud, don’t cut your hair short, don’t wear too much makeup, don’t dress too sexy--the list of things society believes women “should be” goes on. But what happens when we as women say enough is enough? What happens when we decide society’s ideals don’t fit us and who we are? Beautiful things happen when we as women embrace the fire that burns inside our souls. This photoshoot captured the emotions that I personally have felt as I’ve stepped into owning 100% of who I am. So here’s to all the smart, fierce, powerful women--past, present, and future. May we always let our inner selves shine through and may 2018 be the rise of the female" - Alysce Zuleger

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