Last weekend we headed up to The UP for our summer vacation. We spent four days hiking and chasing waterfalls throughout the dense fern filled woods. I'm splitting this post into two sections for Day One and then there will be two additional posts for the other days. Be sure to check our the additional posts to get a glimpse of our Bear encounter and to see some glorious mountain top views. 

As soon as we arrived to the Porcupine Mountains for our Family Adventure we hit a trail loop seeing the Manabezho, Manido, Nawadaha Falls along with skipping rocks which in our house really means tossing them while everyone else ducks. None of us can skip a rock to save our lives. A side trail lead us to the face of Lake Superior along the Presque Isle River where we spent quite a bit of time watching Cole being silly climbing logs and finding all the best rocks to throw in the lake. After awhile we headed back to the car before I got completely eaten alive my only-Mama-Wolf-eating mosquitos. 

Along the road we hiked a few shorts trails to explore some smaller falls which ended up being our favorites. They were hidden and we had them all to ourselves to play and relax while listening to the stream. There is not a single sound in the World that relaxes me more than waterfalls. Since there is about 4 million images of just waterfalls and my kid with the exception of the a few blurry ones of me....because I'm a ghost or something, there is never a sharp image of me. Insert monkey burying his face into his hands emoji here along with eyes rolling emoji. 

Follow us to the beach in Part II and along the Keweenaw Peninsula up to Copper Harbor in Part III

Elle Helgeson

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