This little man could not wait to get his hands on some cherries off our trees. Since it is his Birthday and he only asked for the Thomas Cake, which you can check out here. We figured that a few not so ripe cherries would be okay. So we entertained him and he entertained Mama for a few images of him being cute picking cherries with Daddy.

Cole had such a special 3rd Birthday blowing out his candles on his cake, picking cherries, and then going to A Day Out With Thomas at our National Train Museum. We celebrate simply and we like to keep it just Mama and Daddy. I mean we are the three that were there the day he was created and born so it seems only right.

A Day Out With Thomas was above everything Cole could have ever dreamed up. Although, a little overwhelmed and tired from all the festivities he was ecstatic to get to see Thomas up close. Thomas even talks and has moving facial expressions, which kinda freaked me out at first but we warmed up to quickly because who can resist cute little Thomas...or in this case huge Thomas!

Comment below. Have you had Door County Cherries before? If not, what is your favorite fruit to pick your own? Have you been to A Day Out With Thomas? Who is your favorite Thomas character? Personally, I love Cranky because he's my twin and Cole loves Percy a ton!

A Day Out With Thomas

Also known as the Cole's 3rd Birthday Part II. 

Elle Helgeson

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