When we finally left our cozy cabin in the North Woods we headed out for a short hike to Tahquamenon Falls. This State Park offered several waterfalls and short hikes and they each had something different to offer. The Upper Falls is one of the largest this side of the Mississippi and adorns a copper color which it absorbs from the trees in the river around it.

At the fact kiosk we learned about the wildlife in the area and of course I was nervous about those damn Mountain Lions and Moose again. After a very short walk along a paved path we were rewarded with the mist of the waterfall being blown all around us. It was exactly what we needed on that hot summer day. After returning from the falls we enjoyed some brewskis and lunch at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub then proceeded to the Lower Falls.

One short walk along the boardwalk and after making a new friendship with an older couple who had a good time sharing the experience and being silly with Cole man we made it to the Lower Falls. Five different falls surround a small island in the middle of the river here and many canoes and paddle boats got a closer look. I just take pictures and try not to have a panic attack while my child boldly tries to get the closest look possible. Can you feel my eyes rolling here. 

Our time in the Upper Peninsula was certainly one we enjoyed and I'm glad I get to share with you all. You can see our cozy cabin with a view of Lake Superior and Canada's shoreline here and our adventure combing the beach uncovering gemstones at Whitefish Point here. Let me know in the comment section below if you've ever been to the Upper Peninsula and what was your favorite part of that trip? If you haven't been, where is your favorite relaxing vacation location?

Elle Helgeson

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