Each summer we take a few small trips. Since living in Wisconsin, our trips have been resting along lower Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula. We can't get enough, obviously. 

Dense woods, fresh air, insanely gorgeous waters that wash away all thoughts of ever wanting to go to the ocean again. We love it Up North. The only thing I dislike at all, is the caution we need to take hiking since all the wildlife is a bit bigger and more dangerous than in our old home state of Missouri. Although, I have had a run in with a Mountain Lion climbing once but we'll save that story for another day. Bears, Moose, Wolves, and probably Sasquatch...actually definitely if Sasquatch exists, he's in these woods and he doesn't have to worry one bit about being found because these woods will separate you from your hiking partner five feet away dense.

One of our trips this summer was to Paradise, Michigan. Paradise describes this place perfectly. You will be seeing two more posts from this vacation because there is so much to share. From roaring waterfalls that toss the most pleasant mist upon your face to the calm evening waters on Lake Superior we adored every inch of this area.

Here is a bit of the cozy cabin we called home. It was nestled in the woods on the shore of Lake Superior with Canada in sight. The time we spent at the cabin was relaxing and still. We enjoyed waking up to the sun rise, sitting on the deck, me avoiding mosquitos, watching the ships pass thru the canal, and then at night we watched the sun set, and I even stayed out late to catch a few shots of the full moon and stars above.

Check out our excursion to Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Part III and our relaxing stroll combing the beach for agates and gemstones in Part II.

Elle Helgeson

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