9 Month Old Cole | Drace Park

You know those times in life when you shout "oh, shit!" Yeah, this was one of those. A mere 9 months old and we hit the panic button. We were'nt even thinking when we picked up some lunch and headed to the park that those fries are fried in peanut oil. It wasn't until he stuffed one in his mouth that the thought came to mind as we sat..waiting.....to see if he'd have a reaction. Oh, lord.

They warn you to wait until 2 years old to try this stuff and here we were. Luckily, for all of us. Cole is not allergic to nuts of any kind. A tough way to learn, but I guess you sometimes have to rip off the bandaid, eh? I'm it makes me cringe still.

Well...it started off our picnic in a exciting way I guess. The rest of our time at the park was relaxing. We took a stroll around the path a few times, peeked inside the log cabin. Enjoyed the ambience of the landscape and soooo enjoyed the nice fall weather. It was a glorious day.