It's the largest feast of the year...Tofurky Day. A time to drink wine while joking with your sister in laws around the oven. In addition to being a time to gather with family and friends. It is also a time to reflect on your year and focus new intentions.


This year Troy x Myself + Cole have been learning how to be more PRESENT. To value our time together more. We have also become more focused on our intentions. Leading by example & teaching Cole how to become servant hearted in his life. He started out by helping me sort through our clothing and blankets to donate to an extremely worthy cause for people whom themselves are a giving, honest, and humble group who were in serious need of winter clothing and gear this year and they underwent brutal attacks against their land and livelihoods.  Being able to donate a car stuffed full of useful items gave us a grinch growing heart type moment. The feeling was overwhelming and we felt in our hearts we need to continue becoming more giving and find more ways to help others out on a daily basis.

Our next pursuit was cleaning up as much debris and trash we could find at our local parks and along our daily adventures. It is ridiculously sad how many articles of trash we found out in our day to day activities. We've decided to add a few extras bags and gloves to our trunk for such occasions. 

I crocheted scarves, hats, and boot cuffs to sell and the profits were used to create baskets of bath & body products to send to the local women's help group. And we have several new projects we are adding to the list to continue doing what we can to help others live with a little less stress. Donating one article is beyond helpful to someone in need. I'm grateful we had several friends and family members help us in our efforts. 

Elle Helgeson

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