Twenty Seventeen has proven itself to already be the most surprising year yet of Troy and I's 6 year long marriage. January 31st, Troy fell suddenly ill and found himself in Intensive Care on the ventilator and in a very comprised state.

They found a tumor called a Thymoma on his heart and it was very large and caused a strange trigger of symptoms that looked like a Disease called Good's Syndrome. What started as a simple cough the last few years grew increasingly worse the last few months of 2016 and turned into pneumonia almost overnight. We went to the hospital thinking he was going to have a simple treatment plan and a month and a half later here we are planning his surgery at the teaching hospital Froedert, down in Milwaukee to have this tumor removed off the outside of his heart.

These past weeks have been the most trying in my life with Troy. We've been through some crazy events in our short 8 years together. Events like this serve as a constant reminder to tell each other love you every time you say goodbye. Never go to bed angry. Always kiss goodnight and good morning. And cherish every single moment you have together. 

I almost lost him. We almost lost him. I was almost a single Mother who was going to be forced to explain to our 3 year old, his 37 year old young healthy Father wasn't coming home with us. I'm still not over it. Troy, he's done. Like...completely hit him day 1-4 after waking up after 4 days incapacitated. Now, back to normal. Me.....not so much. I cry behind closed doors, not daring to let him see my tears. I'll stay strong for him. For Cole. But I can't for me. I'm terrified. I'll continue this part of our story later....but until then.

As we prepare for his surgery and what lies to come. We need some family time. Out in Nature. Alongside our Creator. Walking on this great land that sends us so much positive healing energy.

We headed south to Chilton, Wisconsin to teach Cole about Maple Tapping. Although, it seems Cole was already prepared and taught Daddy a thing or two. I think Troy has been deprived of oxygen too recently because he even was like..."Man, I'm stupid." We had a good giggle while we were impressed with Cole as he promptly answered our Guide's Questions.

We are taking it day by day and week by week as he heals and prepares. But no matter what our future holds we know we've spent time making unforgettable memories together. And damn it, I'm making sure there’s tangible evidence that shares our legacy.

Elle Helgeson

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