An unlikely pair, with nothing in common so they thought. Out celebrating friends who were having a baby. Candice and TJ were set up. Neither thinking that it would go anywhere, they entertained their friends and set out on their first date. He took her mudding for the first time. She must of loved it, because here they are engaged to be married. 


Lovers of the outdoors, Candice came up with the wonderful Gone Fishing Engagement Session. The beginning of their relationship revolved around a lot of fishing, relaxing, bonding, and falling in love. She says, “We have fished in the sun. We have fished in the rain. We’ve even fished when it was pitch black outside. He taught me how to cast, set up my line, and out fish him.”


“Before his grandfather passed away he made us a Heck Finn looking raft to fish off of in his pond. The pond was so small, I may have hooked his fence once or twice. We had a lot of fun on it floating back and forth. I cringed as he used stink bait and cut up blue gill for bait. Our best catch so far is our pet turtle squirt. Although, Squirt does not feel the same.”

Elle Helgeson

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