Every Winter since the year before I was born, my family has set out to the Tree Farm when the ground is frozen and there's a chill in the air perfect for being warmed up with some hot cocoa. This family tradition started in Missouri at Pea Ridge Forest, it was over an hour away and worth the drive. Our entire family would gather together at the farm on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we would enjoy shopping at the adorable gift shop and always picking up their personal Pea Ridge Ornament for that specific year. Sip hot cocoa, given out by the same cute old lady every single year since I can remember. Play in the creek our parents wished was frozen, because someone would always fall in. And wandering all over the property searching for that perfect pine tree to call ours. Everyone has their idea of the perfect tree. Mine is short and stout yet perfectly shaped, much like myself (yay, i just busted up laughing at myself there too). Before we left and tied our tree to the top of our toyota we took a photo with Santa and told him what we wished for him to bring us that cold winters eve. On the way back up the hill we said our goodbyes to the reindeer. And we're pretty excited to venture back home to decorate.

We have made it a point to continue this family tradition but of course the way we do, we put a spin on it. Whispering Pines is the perfect place to keep our tradition alive. A trip to sit on Santa's lap, listen to singing reindeer (these are stuffed, but cute & do the trick - please laugh with me of how terrified Cole looks ), the multiple rides on Thomas, James, and Percy. Yeah, I know! Cool right?! They have freaking trains - Thomas & Friends none-the-less, and the most beautiful property full of the most perfect pine & fir trees I've ever seen. 

This year we brought Pa pa, since he's Cole's best friend and finds himself still believing in these magical moments of the season. The boys played with left behind pine swords, played hide and seek, and we even caught some decent family photos of us. Andddddd! Cole even was sweet enough to take a few with me. He surprised me with some kisses and that made this Mama very happy!

Elle Helgeson

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