4 Daily Rituals that have taught me GRATITUDE

4 Daily Rituals that have taught me Gratitude - Happy New Years 2018 - Wisconsin Wedding Photographers

Elle's GRATEFUL for;

- Cole & every single moment he's in my life

- Troy & each day we have together

- the fresh Wisconsin air

- daily rituals that help me grow as a person and spirit

- yoga for keeping my muscles strong and loose during a strange and uncomfortable year in my body.

At the end of every year I feel like my ears are overhearing the phrase. "I can't wait for this year to be over, next year is going to be better!" But what is it that was so bad about this year? And what are we so eager to get to?

I'll be the first to admit this year went foul in some seriously unfortunate ways and I was most likely the leader of the squad saying I was ready for a fresh start and a New Year. For myself and a lot of my friends, I can honestly say this was the most trying year I can remember over my lifetime. If you want to hear about one of our sad and frightening moments from this year (that made us grateful and stronger), here is a little [ peek into that story ]. Bottom line is, I'm always wishing time away and at the end of the day, I do not want time to go by any faster than it already has. Each day that passes means I'm another day closer to Cole no longer fitting in my lap, no longer giving me a hundred kisses before 10 am, and no more “I love you Mommy,” first thing in the morning and every night before bed. I fear that day! Those precious moments will stop on their own time and they are not something I want to rush.

Should we shove these days away, never to revisit them again because they didn't go the way we wanted? Is there a way we can learn, grow, and even be grateful for the suffering in our life?

What is it that we are so eager to run towards that we cannot create right now? What is it about a calendar date that says we will have our shit together? We'll be the perfect business owner, Mom, Wife, cook, be organized, have financial freedom, time freedom, or more family vacations. Whatever it is, why do we settle for next year and not open ourselves up to having those experiences right now? 

This post isn't a cheers to a Happy New Year, but a Congrats to creating a Happy Life! So let's throw down the thoughts of disaster that irked us hard the past year and let's take on 2018 with a splash of whiskey and as many happy moments as we can create. This year is going to be exactly like last year and also the best year yet. We will have good moments, bad, and all that goes with life. But this year we can be more present and aware of how we're are approaching these situations and take them head on. I mean a bad day only lasts 24 hours right? With the right tools and mindset we can have more good days than ever before.

This past year I had little time to myself yet created space to work harder on myself than ever before. My goal was to learn how to become more grateful and curate situations that didn't go as planned into something that helps me grow.

4 daily rituals that have taught me gratitude - Happy New Year 2018


4 Daily Rituals that have taught me GRATITUDE.

  • No. 1 - I started a Gratitude Journal. Each night before I lay down but already comfy in bed. I revisit my day and list as many things I can think of that I'm grateful for including but not limited to; people, places, gestures, feelings, things that happened in my day, needs being met, memories, and having the time to do this activity. I try to dive as deep as possible and be as specific as I can. If your like me and you're obsessed with Pinterest I have a whole board dedicated to Journaling you can take a peek at [ right here ]
  • Meditation - as little as taking a few seconds to disconnect and reconnect with your core a day has proven to restructure your brain at a cellular level. My evening meditation is scheduled to last an hour and the very last thing I focus on before I open my eyes is to list a few things I'm grateful for every day and a few things specific to that day. You don't need to dedicate a whole hour. 5 minutes a day is beneficial. 
  • A Hot Cup of Herbal Tea - this one is my favorite and to most people may seem simple and confusing on how it could possibly teach someone gratitude. But each time I sit with my tea it centers me. That still moment of silence with a hot cup in my hands and a fragrance of pure happiness and health put me in space where I can be present and honestly if I get to drink the whole mug while it's still hot, I am darn tootin grateful AF.
  • A Deep Breath - One of the first things I do in the morning while my pot of water is boiling for my tea, I take a step outside. No matter how cold or hot it is ( we can laugh now, we all know it doesn't get hot in Wisconsin. It does get darn cold thou. ). I take a deep and long breath, focusing on bringing in that good ass Qi ( Energy, Chi, Prana, whatever you yourself call it ), envision it going in my mouth and down through my body to my root Chakra, pause holding my breath 4 seconds, and then slowly letting it out rising up out of my body along my spine and out my mouth. I do this as many times as I feel I need to replace any stagnant energy in my body and revive my life force and ground myself. 


I've shared some of my personal gratitude towards life and this year along with 4 rituals that help me live in that space. Would you share 3 of your most beautiful parts of this year or your life your most grateful for in a comment below?



- spending time and playing with Cole

- being alive and sharing life with Elle & Cole

- working for a company who supported my family and myself during one of the hardest years of our lives

- filling our weekends with outdoor adventures

- leaving this year healthier than it started


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