All year Cole has had his eye on a Tigey the Adventure Tiger costume for Halloween. I have never heard of a kid this young having his sights so honed in on one costume and not once changed his mind throughout the full year. 

What kind of Mom would I be if I didn't make his little dreams come true?!

A little back story about one of our many obsessions with All Hallows' Eve. My Grandma made me a costume every year and I have always be obsessed with dressing up. A introverts way to cope with society maybe, I dunno know! What I do know is, those costumes meant so much to me because she made them with her hands and needle. I still have almost every single one.

So many years later here I am creating little adventures for my kid via drafting my own patterns and creating these magical costumes and memories for him to cherish forever. It brings the biggest smile to his face and mine. 

We spent All Hallows' Eve pulling Trolley around Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as Tigey the Adventure Tiger and family. I was O the Owl, Troy was Daniel Striped Tiger AKA Daddy Tiger, My Dad went as Grandpere Tiger, and of course Cole had his dream adventure as Tigey. My Dad and I built Trolley by using the base of my childhood Radio Flyer Wagon adorned with bell and working light. We get way too involved, yes, I'm aware. HAHA

The next morning Cole awoke to find the Switch Witch had brought him a gift. She visits several days in a row trading the Candy has that ingredients we are allergic to with little shopkins and other blind bags that he loves. It's been the greatest idea and he absolutely loves the Witch.

Comment below what you went as for Halloween Trick-or-Treating, or what you plan to be next year. Also I'd love to hear what your favorite candy is!

*EDIT: Cole still wears this costume all the time. #MOMwin

Elle Helgeson

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