Miraculous Ladybug Inspired

Pa pa featured as Dark Blade, Troy as Hawkmoth, Elle as Ladybug, and Cole man as his favorite super hero Cat Noir.

Yep, that's my crazy little Cat Noir, saving Paris from Hawkmoth and his evil akuma. Okay, not really. But his imagination is strong and his wants for his Halloween costume were even stronger. Who am I to let him down? If you recall from last year, I make Cole's costume each year much like my Grandma used to do for me. We put our heads together and with his love for dressing up and my sewing skills (Thanks Grandma) we create Magic!

This year he wanted Cat Noir from the TV series, Miraculous LadyBug. The rest of the family joined in and made it a whole thing. I was LadyBug, Troy was Hawkmoth the evil villain, and my Dad was Dark Blade a character accumatized by Hawkmoth and turned into a villain. It was a pretty chilly Halloween this year so we lingered the streets long enough to stash Cole's pumpkin to the top and then the freezing little guy and his crew headed home to hang out and enjoy some pizza and scary kids movies, i.e.. Coraline! Have you ever made your own costume and what did you create? Do you love Halloween as much as we do? 

So how do you think I did? How ridiculous do we all look? lol! If you'd like to see last years costumes you can Read more if you'd like to see what crazy antics and costumes we wore last year.

Elle Helgeson

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