Even the Winter won't keep us away from the beach. Can you believe this beach? Gemstones line the beach. You can find sand dunes, boardwalks, and even a gorgeous lighthouse. We spend so much time at Point Beach we've thought about purchasing an RV and just being their permanent campground host, not really, but really! lol. Wouldn't that be incredible. They even have a dog beach and host breakfasts during the year. I think the more I write, the more I'm convincing myself this is an awesome idea. Back to our adventure.

We find ourselves combing the beaches for fossils, coral, quartz, unakite, jasper, and so many more that we love finding and letting Cole find each stone in our rock books. We love using nature to teach our little explorer. If you didn't already know we use nature and our life experiences as our classroom and educational resources. We are homeschooling our little learner and he is such a curious boy and a giant sponge. He can never get enough learning and exploring. We love showing him the ropes and watching him grow and develop each day.

Elle Helgeson

Our Fine Art Wedding Photography focuses natural movement & deep connection so you can have romantic images to relive your best memories throughout your lives together.