Devon & Val began their love story eight years ago. While working together,  Val overheard Devon give her Myspace ( yes, Myspace! Does that even exist anymore? ) info to a coworker and he joked with her that he wasn't good enough to get her info. Of course she didn't hesitate and they exchanged info and started chatting right away. A few days later, Devon and Val went out on their first date. He picked her up at noon to visit the St. Louis Art Museum and Zoo. Devon says, " It was the best first date, I've ever been on." They spent all day together ending their night with movies and not going home until 11pm.

   They dated for months until the week before her birthday, when he asked her to be his girlfriend. They said their first, "I Love You's" on Christmas and the rest is history. They've had their fights and differences but could never be without each other.  As each other's best friend, they vow to be in each others arms until the end of time.

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Elle Helgeson

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