Hello!                                         We are Elle & Troy. Together we've created a husband and wife Wedding Photography team in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


We fell in love over odd coincidences, always being in the same places at the same time throughout our lives. Our journey began hiking throughout the Midwest snapping an annoying amount of images. We started a family. Moved to Wisconsin. And now we are hopping our way through the North Woods one cabin and brewery at a time.

Our story is nothing of significance yet it's beautiful and meaningful to us. 

We specialize in creating a visual story to forever remind you of your love, right here in the now. Perfect for the couple planning a Wedding that's a bit non-traditional. Often barefoot in the woods or on the edge of the water.


"Our souls dance and intertwine and what we find between us is love
Lights flicker and stars shine, and what we find between us and
The very galaxy is love"




We are storytellers chasing light and couples through the woods. Celebrating love at any point throughout the journey. Each milestone along the way is as part of your story as the very beginning. We love spending your first, fifth, and all the anniversaries in between together freezing that moment of right now.


Much love,