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We believe in celebrating your relationship through every stage by documenting it for yourself and those you love who come along..



Hello! We're Elle & Troy. We are fine art photographers, parents, seekers of experiences, family heirloom hoarders, and believers in celebrating love in an artistic fashion.

We enjoy crafting imagery for heartfelt couples who value holding tangible memories in their hands, forging meaningful relationships, appreciate the handcrafted & homemade, and believe there is beauty in simplicity. Documenting your most special moments has the upmost importance to us, so you have meaningful imagery you'll be proud to show your grandchildren one day.

When we're not photographing a love story, you can find us getting away to the countryside at a cozy bed & breakfast, trimming herbs from our garden to use in some new plant based recipe, playing on the beach with our bubbly six year old Cole, and filling our 1904 Dutch Colonial Farmhouse with modest antiques and family relics.